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Guru kulam - SCNM Category A, Approved Ayurvedic Training Center: Kerla India

Professional and practical hands-on Residenship-(Internship) and / training in Panchakarma, special Rejuvenative Kerala treatments, Ayurvedic beauty therapy, Ayurvedic classical Medicine manufacturing, Yoga and Yoga Therapy etc. We are offering a supervised, intensive course of study in conjunction with one of the largest and busiest Ayurvedic Hospitals in India! This is the next level for Yoga, Ayurveda, Thai Yoga Practitioners who desire deeper understanding and additional credibility in the Ayurvedic aspects of their healing practice. Yoga practitioners and instructors of any style will benefit. There are no pre-requisites for attendance other than good heart and willingness to serve and study dilligently. This program may be used in conjunction with any SCNM Aproved Programs... BareBones or Thailand Externship Programs. Students may complete up to 400 total hours in our exclusive India Externship Programs.

All of our Pancha Karma Programs in Kerla are elegible for transfer credit hours towards any SCNM Certificate or Degree Program. This program now qualifies graduates to sit for the ANCB National Boards for Traditional Naturopath in the US!

For information of SCNM Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy based Certificate and Degree programs visit our US school website at ThaiYogaCenter.Com

Basic Aim and objectives
On completion of this course one will qualify as an Ayurvedic therapy-subject expert and be able to conduct, apply and manage various Ayurvedic therapeutic procedures & Kerala special treatments
Able to identify Doshic imbalances in relation to health & illnesses.
Able to draw a treatment plan, provide nutritional & lifestyle counseling.
Able to practice as a health care professional in their chosen field.
Can practice and advocate Ayurvedic Lifestyle Management.

Three Different Programs To Serve You! Do one or all three!

1) Pancha Karma Specialist ( SCNM/ GPS-1, One Month 160 hours)

2) Ayurveda Pharmacy Program (SCNM/ GPP 2 week, 1,2 or 3 mnth)

3) Ayurvedic Cooking Program (SCNM/ GCP 2 wk, 1 mnth)

4) Ayurveda Spa/ Beauty Program (SCNM/ GBP 2 weeks)

5) Yoga/ Yoga Therapy (SCNM/ GYP 2 wk, 1, 2 or 3mnth)






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